SRLA Research Fellow

The Sport and Recreation Law Association Research Fellow designation recognizes scholars by honoring their achievement in legal aspects of sport and recreation-related scholarship.  The SRLA Research Fellow designation is one of distinction within SRLA and Fellows’ own academic communities, and encourages high standards of research and other forms of scholarship among SRLA members.

SRLA Members qualify for SRLA Research Fellow status upon attaining a certain scholarly record (see minimum criteria below). Members who qualify are automatically designated as SRLA Fellows upon providing the appropriate information to the SRLA Honors and Awards Committee Chairperson and other Honors and Awards Committee members. The Chairperson and Committee members will verify and authenticate the minimum criteria, as provided.
SRLA members wishing to gain Research Fellow status must have a continuous and high quality record of scholarship.

Minimum criteria must be met:

  • Membership status:
    • All SRLA Fellows must be a current member of SRLA and have maintained membership continuously for the previous five years at the  time of application. If there is a lapse of membership, the Research Fellow clock will restart. However, the publication and presentation requirements will not be affected.
  • Publications: All SRLA Fellows must have at least 15 publications in refereed journals.
    • Three of the total publications must be first author;
    • Three of the total publications must appear in the Journal of Legal Aspects of Sport within the past ten years;
  • Presentations: All SRLA Fellows must have a minimum of 20 refereed presentations;
    • Five of the total presentations must be first author, within the last five years.
    • Six of the total presentations must be first author SRLA presentations.

The following documentation must be submitted electronically to the SRLA Honors and Awards Committee Chairperson:
1. Name, Rank and/or Title, Professional Affiliation, Research Areas/Interests, Address, Phone Number, and e-mail address.
2. List of publications and presentations in APA format.
3. Credentials/materials will be shredded upon completion of review. Materials will not be returned to applicants.