Herb Appenzeller SRLA Honor Award

This award is presented to an individual has given outstanding service to the Association.

Past Recipients:

Andrew Pittman, Baylor University (1997)
Thomas Sawyer, Indiana State University (1998)
Mary Hums, University of Louisville (1999)
Doyice Cotten, Sport Risk Consulting (2001)
Lynne Gaskin, State University of West Georgia (2002)
Betty van der Smissen, Michigan State University (2003)
Lori Miller, Wichita State University (2004)
Rebecca Mowrey, Millersville University (2005)
Maureen Fitzgerald, University of Texas at Austin (2006)
Susan Brown Foster, St. Leo University (2006)
Cathryn L. Claussen, Washington State University (2007)
Stacey Altman, East Carolina University (2009)
Mary Myers, Wichita State University (2010)
John Miller, Texas Tech University (2011)
Linda Schoonmaker, The Citadel (2012)
Paul Batista, Texas A & M University (2013)
John M. Grady, University of South Carolina (2014)
Todd Seidler, University of New Mexico (2015)
Kristi Schoepfer, Winthrop University (2016)
Annie Clement (2017)