Betty van der Smissen Leadership Award

This award is presented to an individual who is recognized for leadership and vision in the study of legal aspects of sport and physical activity.

Past Recipients:

Betty van der Smissen, Michigan State University (1997)
Neil Dougherty (1998)
Herb Appenzeller, Appenzeller and Associates, Inc. (1999)
Lori Miller, Wichita State University (2001)
Paul Anderson, Marquette University (2002)
Thomas Sawyer, Indiana State University (2003)
Linda Jean Carpenter, Emeriti, Brooklyn College, CUNY (2004)
Annie Clement, Barry University (2005)
Todd Seidler, University of New Mexico (2006)
Doyice J. Cotten, Sport Risk Consulting (2007)
Linda Sharp, Northern Colorado University (2009)
Cathryn L. Claussen, Washington State University (2010)
Gil Fried, University of New Haven (2011)
Anita Moorman, University of Louisville (2012)
John Miller, Troy University (2013)
Barbara Osborne, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2014)
Paul Batista, Texas A&M University (2015)
Adam Epstein, Central Michigan University (2016)
Steve McKelvet, University of Massachusetts (2017)