Prospective Professional Members

Membership Information

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Membership is open to all persons whether residing within or outside the United States. The SRLA bylaws define two classes of professional members. The designation of these classes, qualifications, dues, and rights of the members of such classes is as follows:

•Professional ($125) – Professional membership is open to college and university faculty and staff, and persons not employed in higher education who have responsibilities or interests related to the area of sport law, sport management, recreation law, recreation management, risk management, facility management, athletic administration, physical education, sport tourism, leisure services, or other similar areas.

•Emeritus ($55) – If a professional member retires from the institution with which she/he has been affiliated (according to the rules and regulations of the institution) and at the time of retirement has been a member of this corporation (or its predecessor) for the five consecutive preceding years, she/he is eligible for emeritus membership and such membership shall be extended to her/him upon request and shall continue indefinitely, provided only that the member pays the dues for emeritus members as set forth in Article XI of the By-Laws.

To register for SRLA Membership, please complete the following steps:

  • Complete and submit the SRLA Member Registration Form;
  • Pay your registration dues online using PayPal; OR
  • Mail your check to SRLA at:SRLA
    c/o Mary Myers
    1621 N Melrose Dr
    Wichita, KS

Your registration will not be complete until both your payment and your SRLA Registration Form are successfully received.