Professional Expert Listing FAQ

Who can be listed in the SRLA Professional Expert Listing? SRLA members in good standing are eligible to be listed.  It is strictly voluntary.

Why did SRLA decide to add this Professional Expert Listing feature to its website? SRLA BOD decided to maintain the Expert Witness Listing as a service to interested members, as well as to the profession.  SRLA maintains the website listing for SRLA members who have chosen to be listed in their areas of expertise. SRLA does not endorse, solicit clients, nor act as a brokerage/referral firm in the collection of fees.

Can I contact SRLA for advice, assistance, guidance, etc. if I am chosen to serve as an expert witness? No.

Does SRLA endorse the credibility (e.g., competencies, ethics) of the knowledge, skills, and dispositions of those included in the SRLA Professional Expertise Listing? No.

Does SRLA validate the accuracy of information included in the one page curriculum vitae accompanying those individuals identified on the SRLA Professional Expert Listing? No.

What is the reason for the one page curriculum vitae? The one-page curriculum vitae serves as introductory information to those viewing and/or seeking to enlist the assistance of an expert witness. The one page curriculum vitae allows for uniformity and efficiency.  The SRLA member, if contacted by a professional needing to secure an expert witness, can provide a more thorough and comprehensive vita at that time.

How long do I have to wait until my application is processed and I am able to see my name appear in the SRLA Professional Expert Listing? SRLA will  process incoming applications in a timely fashion. SRLA will try to process applications within 10-20 business days, but can not guarantee a specific time frame for processing applications.

How many expertise areas may I list on my SRLA Professional Expert Listing application? SRLA has limited the number of areas to five (5) categories (see expert witness listing application).

Who is the contact in SRLA for the Professional Expert Listing? Tom Bowler serves as the SRLA Professional Expert Listing Coordinator.  He can be reached via the following:

Telephone (cell):          860.670.2180
Email address:   

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